Got Music?

Camp is 2 short weeks away! Hopefully everyone has their music and is practicing away in preparation. Music is posted on the website, but you have to finalize your payment or scholarship arrangements to get the super secret password (Little Orphan Annie decoder ring sold separately). If you have paid but haven’t received a registration confirmation email with access to the camp music, please email to get access. Also, while we’re talking about payments, if you’re receiving a scholarship please email so we can make sure we have you correctly recorded.

If you haven’t reviewed our FAQ, please be sure to do that. We will have more information over the next week so stay tuned. We’ll post announcements here so you can always check back for any updates you may have missed (I know no one ever loses track of an email). We may even post some to social media if I can find a young person who knows how to do that kind of stuff. I Certainly don’t want to become the next Tim in security #hashtagthecowboy. I don’t think I could handle that kind of celebrity status.

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