Camp Kickoff

Camp is here! We’re excited to get started. Hopefully you’ve all seen the schedule. We’ve added a map of the school to that page, if you find that sort of thing helpful. We even have the camp entrance marked, if you look in the bottom left corner (it’s not the main school entrance). All the classes are on the west end of the school, so it shouldn’t be too hard for kids to find their way around, and there will be a friendly adult or two in the halls to help usher kids in the right direction.

Do you have a lunch packed (for Orch. A or B)? The kids will be asked to eat outside (there’s lots of shade around the school to take advantage of).

Do you have your waiver printed and signed? That will be required at check-in. Do you have a mask? We will be maintaining social distance, and encouraging (but not requiring) mask wearing.

We also have a few housekeeping notes from the school. Just a reminder that if you are in the gym (mostly basses) you must have a rock stop or rubber end pin tip, so we don’t damage the newly refinished floor. Also, no dragging instruments or stands across the gym floor. They need to be carried in place.

Most of the rooms we’ll be using will only be rented during the time there is active instruction going on, and then they will be locked, so students can’t just leave their instrument in whatever room they’re in before lunch. They may have difficulty getting them after lunch. Instruments can be stored in the band room or auditorium when not in use (lunch time or enrichment), but they can’t be left in the other classrooms. Also instruments cannot be left overnight (sorry basses).

We can’t wait to see everyone, and look forward to another awesome camp!

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