Full Day of Classes includes Orchestra and Choir Classes.

Half Day Classes is for Choir Only.

Adult Classes are only one hour in the afternoon.

Choral Workshop

Choral Musicians 

Vivace Young Choristers (age 6-11) invites your budding young singers to learn great choir technique and perform exciting and beautiful music.

Vivace Young Choristers Information

Vivace Concert Singers (age 12-18+) welcomes your young choral artists and offers opportunities to expand their repertoire and enhance technical skills.

Vivace Concert Singers Information

Vivace Madrigals (Adult Choir) is for parents of student participants or any adult who wants an amazing choral experience.

Vivace Madrigals Information

Bambini Voices (age 2-5) is for your youngest singers. Available only with the full-day option.

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Orchestral Workshop

Instrumental Musicians

Bambini Strings (age 2-5) is for your youngest string players.

Vivace Bambini Strings Information

Da Capo Orchestra (age 6-12) welcomes your young instrumentalists who have been playing for 1-2 years. They also participate in the Choral Workshop Young Choristers or Concert Singers.

Vivace Da Capo Orchestra Information

Chamber Orchestra (age 8-14) highlights your advancing young string players. Musicians also participate in the Choral Workshop Concert Singers or Young Choristers.

Vivace Chamber Orchestra Information

Symphony Orchestra (age 12-18) features your advanced, young string players who have been studying a minimum of 5 years. Repertoire is challenging and motivating. Prepare to grow! Symphony musicians also have the option to participate in the Vivace Concert Singers.

Vivace Symphony Orchestra Information

Philharmonia Orchestra (age 15-18+) offers advanced symphonic musicians full days of rehearsals and great symphonic repertoire to practice and perform. Musicians May sing in the Camp Chorus this year.

Vivace Philharmonia Orchestra Strings Information

Camerata Orchestra is for Adults of any level to reignite and replenish their musical fulfillment. At least one year of prior instrument study on your stringed instrument is recommended.

Vivace Camerata Orchestra Information

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