Chamber Orchestra

Vivace Chamber Orchestra

Ages 7-14

Strings with 3+ Years of Instrument Study

Classes are from 9:00AM-2:50 P.M.

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Only registered participants receive the password to access practice parts.

Audition Excerpts

Violin 1: Handel Concerto Grosso, Concertino, mvt 2, mm 19-31; Ripieno mvt 4 mm 40-53. Star Spangled Banner mm 15-end.

Violin 2:  Handel Concerto Grosso Concertino mvt 2, mm 1-9, mm 22-31. Ripieno mvt 2 mm 10-17. Star Spangled Banner mm 15-24.

Viola: Star Spangled Banner mm 15-28. Concerto Grosso mvt 2 mm 26-32, mm 41-46

Cello: Concerto Grosso Concertino, mvt 2 mm 17-24, pickup to 44 – end. Star Spangled Banner mm 13-22

Bass: Concerto Grosso mvt 2, mm 16-21, 39-49. Star Spangled Banner mm 22-end

Under the direction of Denise Willey and Dr. Ryan Murphy, your young musicians get a full day of music and other enriching experiences. Chamber Orchestra is featured on the Masterworks Concert Friday and Saturday’s Grand Finale Concert. Chamber Orchestra students are automatically enrolled in Vivace Young Choristers. This is an incredible opportunity to work with Tabernacle Choir director, Dr. Ryan Murphy, and international choral director, Benjamin Gaughran. 3:00 PM Small Ensembles or Chamber Music can be added as an extra.

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