Concert & Recital Details

Enrichment Recital

Friday, August 6 – 3:30 PM – Auditorium
Includes cello choir, bass ensemble, fiddling groups and Orchestra E (Adult Orchestra). Choral Workshop students are NOT performing at the recital.
Chorus enrichment students who are in Orchestras A, B and C will attend. Choral Workshop participants are invited to attend. Orchestra D is also invited with a parent.

Saturday, August 7 at 11:00 am – American Fork Junior High School Auditiorum
(House will open at 10:40 am after sound checks and choir rehearsal)

Includes both chorus enrichment classes, Orchestra A, B, C and D (possibly E – Adults)

Sound checks and chorus rehearsal will be held prior to the concert.

Friday Evening Rehearsals with Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion:
NOTE: Orchestra D and Choirs will not rehearse on Friday evening. They will rehearse on Saturday morning.
3:30 PM – Enrichment Recital (see below)
4:30 PM – Pizza Dinner for Orchestras A, B and C
5:30-6:30 PM – Rehearsals for Orchestras B and C (ending time may be adjusted)
5:30-7:30 PM – Rehearsal for Orchestra A

Check schedule page for Friday start times and the full week’s schedule.

Saturday Morning Concert Call Times for Sound Checks (may adjust slightly):
7:45 AM – Orchestra A
8:15 AM – Orchestra B
8:50 AM – Orchestra C
9:20 AM – Orchestra D
9:50 AM – Vivace Singers and Vivace Youth Choir

Concert Attire: Orchestra A – all black concert clothes
Orchestras B, C, D, E and choirs – Sunday dress

Concert Tickets

Family Pack – $15
Adults – $5
Youth (ages 2-17) – $3

Each camp participant can receive one complimentary family pack. Enter the coupon code from the email.

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