Adding 1/2-day Option for Busy High School Singers

We understand that there are many high school and college students with summer jobs, so we’re making it easier for you to participate in the Vivace Concert Singers by reducing the class load each day.

Come sing and take a fun elective class from 9:00AM-11:50AM, and be on your way!

Friday’s schedule is a little different:

9:00-10:50AM Rehearsals and Elective Class in Sandy

2:20-8:00PM Dress Rehearsals, Dinner, and the Masterworks Concert at Libby Gardner Hall

You may elect one of the following for your 10:00-10:50 class: Sight Singing 101, Vocal Masterclass, or Yoga

Audition Tips

Remember, an audition isn’t only about showing the audition committee you’re good enough. It’s also an opportunity for you to challenge yourself and grow into a better musician. The audition prepares you for the work we’ll be doing in rehearsal this summer. Try to focus on growth rather than proving yourself. Every time you challenge yourself, you will grow and learn something!

Here are some tried and true audition excerpt secrets:

  1. Start early! Don’t wait until the week (or day!) of the deadline. If you spend just a few minutes per day for a month, you’ll be way more successful than if you cram a bunch of hours in right before the deadline. Plus, you definitely don’t want practice injuries from overuse to get in the way of performing a beautiful audition.
  2. Select Carefully. Be sure to have a look at all of the groups’ audition materials in your age range. Be certain that you will be able to prepare the music without too much trouble. But don’t be afraid to take on a bit of a challenge if you can put in the time and work with your teacher.
  3. Play Scales. Take a look at the key signature for your audition excepts and determine the key (major or minor). If you don’t have a scale book, look up some fingerings online. Play slowly through as many octaves as you can. The more, the better! Say or sing the note names aloud.
  4. Count! Check out your time signatures. Go through each measure slowly, counting “1 and 2 and” or “1 e and a, 2 e and a.” Be sure you can account for every beat. Clap and count-sing the rhythm aloud.
  5. Know the Notes. If you’re feeling a little unsure about the notes, play through the excerpt slowly, saying the note names aloud (or in your mind).
  6. Put it altogether. Alternate repetitions of tricky sections saying the note names and counting (aloud if possible). Go slowly at first, then gradually bring it a little closer to full-tempo each repetition. Use a metronome about 30% of the time.
  7. Listen to Recordings. You can introduce the recording at any point in this process. Two things to remember: a) Don’t rely 100% on the recording for notes and rhythm. You might accidentally follow the wrong part! b) DO listen to the recording and eventually practice along with the recording (when you can play excerpts up to speed). You really need to know what else is happening to fully understand your excerpts. Audition committees can tell who has listened to recordings, because more knowledge always equals better performance.
  8. Take it to your teacher. BUT… try to teach it to yourself FIRST. Your teacher will appreciate the work you have put in, and you will be able to learn it more thoroughly if you’ve put in the work before bringing it to your teacher. Ask them to play it for you, and take note of where their interpretation may differ from yours. The better you have practiced beforehand, the higher the level that you can reach before the audition is recorded. Your teacher would love to teach you music rather than just focus on notes and rhythms. And you probably have other important things to cover in your lessons, too!
  9. Practice Auditions. Perform your full audition for friends and family. Record your audition ia few times well-before your video is due, listen and critique yourself, then carefully practice those things that need a bit more attention.
  10. Add Style. Once you know you have all the notes and rhythms correct (and even before you have them at full tempo), be sure that you are following dynamics, and phrasing the music as beautifully as possible. Follow the printed articulation and listen to recordings for style. Those auditions that really stand out to a committee are the ones that are beautifully and expressively performed, along with all of the correct notes and rhythms.
  11. Have fun! Enjoy the progress you are making and fall in love with the music! Be sure you use the best recording you can find. Make a playlist for yourself. Apple and Google music apps can be really useful tools.
  12. Finish Early! Make your recording BEFORE the deadline. You don’t want to be up until midnight recording an audition. Instead, do it in the morning the weekend before the deadline. But only after eating a yummy, healthy breakfast. Drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep the night before!
  13. Keep it Up. After recording and submitting your audition, don’t stop practicing! This is the same music we’re playing at camp, so keep reviewing it at least a couple of times per week. When you get the rest of your music for camp, keep following these rules, and get to know ALL of your music well-before the first rehearsal.
Remember: Those who are best prepared with their music WILL HAVE the MOST FUN!


Choral Workshop

Sing a World Premiere piece with The Tabernacle Choir’s own Ryan Murphy! Choral Workshop students sing in one of three choirs, rehearsing and performing with Dr. Ryan Murphy and Mr. Benjamin Gaughran. Choral track students may elect to take an orchestra class on the side.

Music for Everyone – All Day!

Vivace Orchestral and Choral Workshops are a family affair, and now your whole family can enjoy it altogether! Each ensemble includes days packed with rehearsals and other enriching classes. Students request elective classes on the application. Most students may enroll in at least one elective class of their choice. Adult groups and Bambini Strings have just one class per day and no electives.

Adult Choir

We loved working with parents and friends of the younger participants last year in the adult orchestra, so we’ve decided to open up a choir for adults this year! The Madrigals choir will rehearse and perform with our new guest conductor, Mr. Ben Gaughran.

Daily Recitals

At the end of each day, sit back, relax, and enjoy a short concert featuring student soloists and faculty members. If you wish to perform in a recital, you can audition after receiving your ensemble assignment.

To audition for the Honors Recital, please carefully prepare your piece, record an unedited YouTube video, and paste it into the Honors Recital “Ticket”under Extras.

Auditions for the Honors Recital are due April 20 May 20, after you have received your ensemble assignment.