Elective Class Choices

Electives are included in your tuition.

You will have the opportunity to indicate your interest in these offerings when you fill out the ONLINE APPLICATION. Please list all classes that interest you in order of preference, and we’ll do our best to get you into your top choices!

Arts and Crafts

Come together with our talented faculty members to make beautiful art and new crafts.

Bass Ensemble

Gather with bassists of all ages and levels to make some sweet ‘n low harmony. Led by your fantastic Bass coaches, we perform in Friday’s Small Ensemble Concert.

Camp Chorus

Sing with Ryan Murphy and Benjamin Gaughran. Members of the Camp Chorus perform in the Grand Finale Concert.

Cello choir

Led by your Cello coaches, come make amazing overtones in a cellists-only group. This is always a favorite in the Small Ensembles Concert.

Chamber Music

Read great chamber music together with other young musicians and get professional coaching from our faculty.


Led by Mirium Wagstaff and Kristi Geddes Jenkins, participants play with violinists by level. We’ll perform fabulous fiddle tunes to perform in the Small Ensembles Concert.

Folk Dance (all ages)

Come and enjoy recreational dancing with Michelle Hansen. Benefits also include learning patterns, form, and steady beat. All ages invited!

Jazz Band (age 11+)

Jam with other fantastic musicians, led by Bob Peterson. Study jazz techniques, improve your improv, and have a marvelous musical experience! Perform in the Small Ensembles Concert.

Musical Theater (all ages)

Learn the basics in drama and musicals with our new vocal faculty.

Orffestra (all ages)

Led by Michelle Hansen, come play in an ensemble with xylophones and unpitched percussion. Learn improvisation and enjoy movement and singing! Instruments provided!

Reed Making

Included for oboe and bassoon players. Carve and craft together with other double-reeds players. Try out tried-n-true techniques for creating your most beautiful, sound-producing reed. Coached by the amazing woodwind faculty members, Kristine Baird and Molly Shutt.

Sight Singing 101

Dive into important theory and brush up on music reading skills with Benjamin Gaughran.

Vocal Masterclass (age 14+)

Learn poise, projection, proper breathing, and stage presence with a Vocal Specialist. Practice the art of performing an audition and presenting yourself for the win.

Yoga (all ages)

Find your center, relax and refresh, and build your core through stretching and strengthening poses.

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