Orchestra Requirements

Vivace Orchestra A – $200  9:00-3:30

Orchestra students should read music including all common clefs and positions and show musical fluency across the full range of their instrument. Instrumentation includes four stringed orchestra instruments. Levels might start at about Suzuki book 6 and go through “out of the books” (intermediate and advanced concerti) for violin and viola; CELLI: approx. book 5 to out of the books. BASSES start at about the Dragonetti+ level.  Private lessons, 2-3 years of orchestra experience, and ages late junior high and high school are strongly preferred.

Literature this summer:

Tchaikowsky: 1812 Overture with real cannons!

Schifrin: Mission Impossible Theme with jazz ensemble

Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, the original with 3 violin parts, 3 viola, 3 cello, bass and cembalo

Opportunities to accompany chorus and guest artist:

Armed Forces Salute

The Prayer

Nella Fantasia

Presto Orchestra B– $150  9:00-1:30

This advanced string ensemble provides students the opportunity to perform the masterworks of string literature. Students should read music well with good intonation and beautiful tone, be comfortable shifting into higher positions, perform vibrato, be capable of playing fast passage work including difficult key signatures, and preferably be studying with a private teacher. This ensemble is open to string players of all ages with about 2-3 years of orchestra experience. Levels include Suzuki book 3-5 (student concerto level) for violinists & violists, possibly earlier for great readers, Bk 3-4 for cellists, pre-Dragonetti level for bassists.

Literature for 2019:

Tchaikowsky: Little Russian Symphony No. 2, Finale, (Dackow)

Handel Concerto Grosso No. 2 (2nd m.) Solo opportunities for violin and cello

Mancini: Inspector Clousseau’s Theme from Pink Panther Returns

Bring Him Home with guest soloist

Concertino Orchestra C– $125  11:30-3:00

Students should read music well, play in tune with beautiful tone and some basic vibrato, know all first position notes and be comfortable with some basic shifting on their instrument, and hopefully be studying with a private teacher. One year of orchestra experience strongly recommended. This ensemble is open to string players of all ages. Levels are about Suzuki book 2-3 for violinists and violists, about book 2 for cellists, and book 2 for bassists.

Literature for 2019 camp:

Mozart: German Dance (Dackow)

Matesky: March in the Style of Corelli


Children’s  Beginning Orchestra D– $50  11:30-1:30

Children’s orchestra is approximately ages 4-10 students playing in Suzuki Book One.  Play a one octave- D Major Scale for audition. Private lessons and a parent attending are required. Program is two hours a day, which includes lunch, music/social activity, and orchestra class.