Philharmonia Orchestra

Vivace Philharmonia Orchestra $339

Ages 15-18+


Schubert: Symphony No. 5

Finzi: Prelude for Strings

Tchaikovsky: Cossacks Dance from Mazeppa

Click here for practice parts

Only registered participants receive the password to access practice parts.

Daily Schedule

9:00-9:50AM Philharmonia Rehearsal

10:00-10:25AM Sectionals

10:25-10:50AM Philharmonia Rehearsal

11:00-11:50AM Philharmonia Rehearsal

12:00-12:50PM Lunch (bring a sack lunch or order catered lunch)

1:00-1:50PM Philharmonia Rehearsal

2:00-2:50PM Camp Chorus or Elective

3:00-3:50PM (Optional) Small Ensemble or Chamber Ensemble

Audition Excerpts

Violin 1: Tchaikovsky mm 116-132. Finzi mm 28-44. Schubert Mvt 1 mm 25-52; mvt 4 mm 79-129.

Violin 2: Tchaikovsky mm 142-159. Finzi mm 2-12. Schubert mvt 1 mm 78-118; mvt 5 mm 47-94.

Viola: Tchaikovsky mm 116-132. Finzi mm 51-60. Schubert Mvt 2 mm 27-40; Mvt 3 mm 105-120.

Cello: Tchaikovsky mm 104-128. Finzi mm 2-16 (top line when divisi). Schubert Mvt 1 mm 54-63; Mvt 4 mm 52-78.

Bass: Tchaikovsky mm 217-265. Finzi mm 13-19. Schubert Mvt 1 mm 39-64, mm 118-151; Mvt 4 pickup to mm 39-78.

Applicants to the Philharmonia Orchestra should have studied their instruments for 7+ years. Philharmonia participants will perform the exciting and challenging They will perform the full symphony on Friday evening at the Masterworks Concert. Philharmonia participants will also perform in the orchestra for Dr. Murphy’s World Premiere on the Grand Finale Concert. Sections and seating will be determined by your placement audition videos. Philharmonia participants can choose an elective class or sing in the Camp Chorus in at 2:00-2:50PM. 3:00 PM Small Ensembles or Chamber Music can be added as an extra.

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