Rules of Conduct

  1. All personal property must be labeled with the name and phone number of the owner. This may be done with a sharpie on masking tape, luggage tags, stickers, etc. To avoid potential string instrument mix-ups, you may also tie a unique or colorful ribbon around your scroll, labeled in ink with your name. Place a unique sticker onto your bow frog.
  2. All trash must be thrown away in provided garbage bins.
  3. No shoes with wheels may be worn on the campus. Please leave them home.
  4. No bicycles, scooters, skateboards, or other toys may enter the campus. Necessary toys will be provided by the family support room (daycare).
  5. All cellphones and other potentially distracting electronics must remain off for the duration of each class period.
  6. No illegal substance or smoking allowed on campus at any time.
  7. No bullying, racism, disparaging remarks or unkind actions of any kind will be tolerated.

If there’s any question about the rules, first visit the Campers’ Contract, then come to one of the faculty for additional clarification.

Participants may be asked to leave the camp permanently for breaking the Rules of Conduct or Campers’ Contract. No refund will be offered if this occurs.

Campers’ Contract

I have read, and promise to abide by all of the Rules of Conduct. I will accept all decisions made by the audition committee. I will contribute my best self no matter where I stand or sit. I will print my music as soon as I receive it. I will follow the practice schedule and bring my practice part to a teacher or coach. I will come to all rehearsals and performances well-prepared. I know that my experience will only be as amazing as my preparation.

I will show respect for my fellow musicians and the faculty by saving my conversations until the end of rehearsals and classes. I will be kind to my peers, celebrate their successes, and encourage them to do better.  If I am sick, I will stay home. Unless I am sick, I will attend all of my classes.

I will bring my instrument, a pencil, and my music to all rehearsals. I will leave the building better than I found it by cleaning the area around me when I leave each room. I will respect others’ property by leaving it alone. I will care for my instrument and belongings by leaving them only in designated spaces. 

I will work hard so I can grow into a better musician than I was before I arrived. I will try my best to follow musical instructions from coaches and conductors. I will accept criticism and correction gracefully and quietly, and I will thank the faculty for their help. I will have a FANTASTIC time and make great music with the other wonderful musicians around me

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