Symphony Orchestra

Vivace Symphony Orchestra $349

Ages 12-18

All instruments welcome


Mozart: Symphony No. 29 I. Allegro

Williams: Raiders’ March from Indiana Jones

Sousa: The Stars and Stripes Forever

Click here for practice parts

Only registered participants receive the password to access practice parts.

Daily Schedule

9:00-9:50AM Concert Singers or Elective

10:00-10:50AM Symphony Rehearsal

11:00-11:50AM Concert Singers or Elective

12:00-12:50PM Lunch (bring a sack lunch or order catered lunch)

1:00-1:50PM Symphony Rehearsal

2:00-2:25PM Sectionals

2:25-2:50PM Symphony Rehearsal

3:00-3:50PM Optional Small Ensemble or Chamber Ensemble

Audition Excerpts

Trumpet: Raider’s March mm 28-42 & 138-158. Stars and Stripes mm 1-12.

Violin 1: Mozart mm 33-52 and mm 175-184. Raider’s March mm 57-76 and mm 85-107. Stars and Stripes pickup to mm 79-87.

Violin 2: Mozart mm 37-44. Raider’s March mm 57-76 and mm 85-107. Stars and Stripes pickup to mm 79-87.

Viola: Mozart mm 77-91, mm 195-end. Raider’s March mm 97-113, mm 151-end. Stars and Stripes mm 77-95. 

Cello: Mozart mm 45-60, pickup to 77-91. Raider’s March pickup to 21-28, mm 62-107. Stars and Stripes 1st Cello pickup to 79-86 OR 2nd Cello 70-86.

Bass: Mozart mm 77-93, mm 189-end. Raider’s March mm 97-104. Stars and Stripes mm 80-95.

Applicants should be age 12-18 and have been studying their instrument for 3+ years (about Suzuki books 4-8). Your advanced string players who are accepted into the Symphony will get a real workout with Dr. Ryan Murphy, Denise Willey, and Elizabeth Marsh. The Symphony will be featured on Friday evening at the Masterworks Concert as well as on Saturday’s Grand Finale Concert. Symphony participants also receive enrollment in Concert Singers included in tuition. This would replace elective classes. 3:00 PM Small Ensembles or Chamber Music can be added as an extra.

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