Our 2021 camp will be August 2-7

Vivace Youth Orchestra Camp

Our 2020 Camp is in the books! What an amazing final concert!

Registration for our 2021 camp will be opening at the end of February.

Featuring Ryan Murphy

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Ryan Murphy will be returning as our guest conductor for our 2021 camp (Associate Music Director of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square and the Orchestra at Temple Square)

Why Vivace Orchestra Camp?

The best music!

The lowest tuition!

The best coaches!

Five Orchestras – A level for every musician

Vivace Orchestra A

9:00-3:30 Daily

Includes a 12:30 Enrichment Course, free!

Orchestra students should read music including all common clefs and positions and show musical fluency across the full range of their instrument. Instrumentation includes four stringed orchestra instruments. Levels could start at about Suzuki book 6 and go through “out of the books” (or intermediate and advanced concerti) for violin and viola; CELLI: approx. book 5 to out of the books. BASSES at about the Dragonetti+ level.  Private lessons, at least 2-3 years of orchestra experience, and ages late junior high/high school through college are strongly preferred. Younger JH with special permission.

Presto Orchestra B

(Almost full, please contact us before registering)

9:00-1:30 Daily

Includes a 12:30 Enrichment Course, free!

This advanced string ensemble provides students the opportunity to perform the masterworks of string literature. Students should read music well with good intonation and beautiful tone, be comfortable shifting into higher positions, performing vibrato, be capable of playing fast passage work including difficult key signatures, and preferably be studying with a private teacher. This ensemble is open to string players of all ages with about 2-3 years of orchestra experience. Levels include Suzuki book 3-5 for violinists & violists, Bk 3-4 for cellists, pre-Dragonetti level for bassists. 

Concertino Orchestra C

11:30-3:00 Daily

Includes a 12:30 Enrichment Course, free!

Students should read music well, play in tune with beautiful tone and possibly some vibrato, know all 1st position notes and be comfortable with some basic shifting on their instrument and hopefully be studying with a private teacher. This ensemble is open to string players of all ages with at least 1 year of orchestra experience. Levels are about Suzuki book 2-3 for violinists and violists, about book 2 for cellists, and book 2 for bassists.

Children’s Beginning Orchestra D

12:30-1:30 Daily

Children’s orchestra is for students approximately ages 3-9, playing in Suzuki Book One. Open string/first finger parts available for the very young or Twinkler.  Play a one octave- D Major Scale for audition. Private lessons and a parent in attendance are required.

Youth Chorus

11:30-1:30 Daily

Back for 2021 Camp!

Come sing with us!  We will learn to find and match pitch, begin to hear and sing a part if this is new to you. For more experienced singers you will gain confidence singing a part, learn healthy vocal production, and improve your skills in a choir setting through blend, dynamics and musical contrast.  The youth chorus is open to students ages 8-18. Changed voice young men are welcome. No auditions are necessary. Please fill out the registration form and include musical experience and voicing choice. (Soprano, Alto Tenor, Bass) If you are unsure of this we can assign you on the first day of class. We will perform 3-4 selections during the concert on Saturday and one number will be accompanied by the orchestra.

Enrichment Class Only

12:30-1:30 Daily

Choose one of our fabulous enrichment courses (no audition required)

  • Cello Choir
  • Bass Ensemble
  • Fiddling
  • Advanced Fiddling (Orch. A members, or by special permission)
  • Choir (Dr. Murphy)
  • Kickboxing for violinists & violists
  • Quartet, Small Chamber Ensemble (pre-formed Ensembles)

Senior/Adult Beginning Orchestra

1:30-3:00 Daily

NEW THIS YEAR – a beginning orchestra for Adults. No previous playing experience required! Rent instruments first day at noon.

Parent Testimonials

I was so impressed how quickly the musicians came together, blended and sounded like they had been playing together for a long time. Big congratulations to the vision, the organizers, the faculty and guest artists and the wonderful music produced. Just one step short of magic!


Thank you so much for the amazing week at orchestra camp! My daughter LOVED every minute and can’t wait to do it next year.