2021 Camp Dates

Our 2021 camp is now scheduled for August 2-7, 2021. Mark your calendars, and plan on another amazing camp. We’re thrilled to announce Dr. Murphy will be returning as our guest conductor! We will have all the orchestras we had in 2020, plus a beginning adult orchestra, and we’re expecting to be able to bring back the choir class, led by Dr. Murphy (COVID restrictions willing). We’ll provide more details soon!

New Rehearsal Time

Due to some scheduling conflicts, and since most schools in Utah County are dismissing earlier in the day this year, we’re moving our rehearsal times up 1 hour. So Symphony Orchestra will rehearse from 2:15-4:00 and the Chamber Ensemble will be from 3:45-5:00.

Scratch all that. We’ll be sticking with our normal time posted on the website (same time as last year 3:15-5 & 4:45-6)

2020/21 Concert Season

Hot on the heels of another successful summer music camp, we’re pleased to announce that our signup for the 2020/21 Concert Season is now available! If you enjoyed our summer camp (this year or last), the amazing music, quality instruction, and low, family friendly tuition all continue in our concert season. Last season was cut short due to COVID, but we will be resuming in-person rehearsals in September. Our concert season is planned to run through May.

We have 2 orchestras for your musicians to join. Our Symphony Orchestra (equivalent to Orch. A) and our Chamber Ensemble (appropriate for Orch. B and some Orch. C students).

We rehearse at the American Fork Arts Center on Wednesday afternoons. Symphony Orchestra is from 2:15-4:00 PM and the Chamber Ensemble is from 3:45-5:00 PM. Tuition is only $40/month for the Symphony Orchestra, and $30/month for the Chamber Ensemble.

We hope you’ll come join us in our mission to instill in youth a love and appreciation for beautiful music while developing a sense of accomplishment as they work to improve their musical abilities and find joy in sharing their talents.

Concert Notes

This post turned out to be a lot longer than I expected, but there’s a lot to cover. Here’s the summary, and you can read the details below.

Friday – Schedule

It’s been a wonderful week with your musicians, and we’re down to the final rehearsals and concerts! Please note that the schedule for Friday is different (from M-Th), with a start time of 11:30 for Orch. A and the other orchestras starting later in the afternoon. Also, tomorrow is Camp Shirt day, so everyone is encouraged to wear their camp shirts.

We’ve tried to minimize downtime for the students in tomorrow’s schedule, but there is going to be some as we shuffle through rehearsals, dinner, etc. so please make sure your student has a book, or something to pass a little bit of time.

Friday Dinner

Speaking of dinner, we will be serving dinner for the students. It will be mostly of the grab and go variety due to covid. We’ll be serving it in the cafeteria, students can eat it there, or take it outside. Orchestra D isn’t on the schedule, but they can join Orch. C at 5-5:30.

Friday Recital – 7 PM

We will be ending Friday with the Enrichment/Faculty recital. It will be outside, on the East end of the school, wherever there is the most shade. Seating will be on the grass (at socially distant distances), so bring a blanket or some lawn chairs. The attire for Friday night is just camp shirts. It’s a fun, informal concert. We’ll hear from the cello choir, the fiddling classes, the bass ensemble (lightsabers are encouraged for this number, bring ’em if you got ’em) and a couple of chamber groups.

Saturday Concert Details

Now for the BIG NEWS about the Saturday concert. Normally when I have good news and bad news I start with the bad. In this case though I have to start with the good (the bad won’t really make sense until you know the good). The school district updated their policies and we will be allowed to hold our final concert inside in the auditorium! We’ve been preparing all along for the concert to be outside, but hoping that we might be able to do it indoors. Do you believe in miracles? So, that’s the good news. Of course there are caveats due to covid precautions. Masks will be required for all audience members. We know that there are a lot of different opinions on masks, and we have encouraged but not required their use during the week. We’ve been wearing them all week, we know how pleasant they are. All that aside, for the final concert if you want to experience it in person you will need to have a mask and wear it while you are in the auditorium. In addition, we will have every other row taped off and unavailable for seating, and ushers will direct you to specific seats, leaving space between family groups. Now’s where the bad news comes in. In addition to the seating arrangements, we will be limited to 25% capacity of the auditorium. This means a maximum of 240 people will be allowed in the audience.

Limited Attendance – Tickets

We have 80 families attending the camp. If I carry the one….that comes out to 3 people per family. There are no good or easy answers here. We’re going to be providing 3 tickets per family. We’ll have them at the check-in table tomorrow, you can pick them up when you drop off your students, or after the enrichment concert. These will be your admittance to the final concert at 10 AM. If you have less than 3 people that will be attending the concert please let us know and we’ll hold onto any extra tickets for any others that request them. We will have a standby line for those without tickets, but it is VERY LIKELY we will hit capacity, and so…..

Alternate viewing options

We do have two silver linings. First is that even though the in person audience will be limited, we will record the concert and post it on youtube for you to share with all your friends and family (if there are any amateur videographers that have some better equipment than I do that would like to volunteer, please contact me). The second silver lining is that we are doing a dress rehearsal right before the concert. Family members or friends can come during that time, and stay just for the orchestra that your child is participating in. It will be all the same music with the full symphony. This will be an option that will allow more people to enjoy the music, and see these amazing musicians in action. If you have younger children that might not be up to quietly attending a full concert, this would be an excellent opportunity for them to listen in a more flexible environment. They can come at the scheduled start time of a sibling’s orchestra, listen to 15 minutes of music, and then be able to leave.

We understand this is going to be a different experience than what we’re all used to, but that pretty much describes everything in our lives as we chart a course through an ongoing pandemic. We ask that you help us by being courteous and respecting the format we’ve chosen to create the best experience for your young musicians. This concert is really about them.

Volunteers Needed

We will need some extra volunteers to pull this all off. We’ll need a dozen ushers to assist in seating people, four people to attend the entrance and we need ten volunteers to help with the cleanup after the concert. Sign up here

Concert Attire

Orchestra A & B should be in concert black. Orchestra C & D can be in concert black if they have it, or nice dress clothes (Sunday best). All performers will be asked to wear masks as well (they don’t have to be concert black)

Concert Cost

There will be no cost for the tickets for the concert. We do every thing we can to keep our camp affordable for families. There will be a donation box and any donations that you would like to make help us to continue to offer this experience and keep it affordable will be greatly appreciated, and will go to a valuable cause.

Thank you for being part of our camp this year! It has been such a different year, with unexpected challenges and unexpected blessings. We want as many people as possible to be able to experience the amazing talents of your children and the uplifting music they have prepared, and we appreciate your cooperation and support in making it all possible.

Camp Kickoff

Camp is here! We’re excited to get started. Hopefully you’ve all seen the schedule. We’ve added a map of the school to that page, if you find that sort of thing helpful. We even have the camp entrance marked, if you look in the bottom left corner (it’s not the main school entrance). All the classes are on the west end of the school, so it shouldn’t be too hard for kids to find their way around, and there will be a friendly adult or two in the halls to help usher kids in the right direction.

Do you have a lunch packed (for Orch. A or B)? The kids will be asked to eat outside (there’s lots of shade around the school to take advantage of).

Do you have your waiver printed and signed? That will be required at check-in. Do you have a mask? We will be maintaining social distance, and encouraging (but not requiring) mask wearing.

We also have a few housekeeping notes from the school. Just a reminder that if you are in the gym (mostly basses) you must have a rock stop or rubber end pin tip, so we don’t damage the newly refinished floor. Also, no dragging instruments or stands across the gym floor. They need to be carried in place.

Most of the rooms we’ll be using will only be rented during the time there is active instruction going on, and then they will be locked, so students can’t just leave their instrument in whatever room they’re in before lunch. They may have difficulty getting them after lunch. Instruments can be stored in the band room or auditorium when not in use (lunch time or enrichment), but they can’t be left in the other classrooms. Also instruments cannot be left overnight (sorry basses).

We can’t wait to see everyone, and look forward to another awesome camp!

Camp Countdown: T minus 5 Days

Vivace Orchestra Camp begins in 5 days! We’re furiously finishing our preparations to create a memorable camp for all our students. We hope you all have printed your music and have been practicing away. The rehearsals and concerts go better when students have learned the music. 

We get a lot of questions about the camp, what to expect, what to bring, how is covid affecting the camp, etc. So many questions in fact we decided to provide some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Please make sure you’ve reviewed them to prepare for camp. Especially the COVID requirements, and what to bring. Some of the information there is helpful (how to assemble your music, and the value of clothes pins to an outdoor musician), some of it is essential (you must have a signed waiver, and instruments with endpins must have a rock stop or rubber endpin tip).

We’ve recently posted the 2020 schedule! Our concerts are currently scheduled to be outside due to COVID restrictions. If by some miracle that changes before the concert we will move it indoors (but the times would remain the same).

Please note the check-in times on Monday (they’re a little earlier than the normal start times the rest of the week). When you check-in, come in the entrance on the west end of the south side (we’ll have signs). They will likely have the rest of the school blocked off, so if you go in the main school entrance, you won’t be able to get to the camp. At sign-in, please bring a signed waiver for each student. You’ll be given your lanyard and camp shirt, and then proceed to chair auditions. On Friday we have our final rehearsals, so note the later start times. We’ll have dinner for the students before the enrichment concert / faculty recital at 7.

We’ll have a few more updates before Monday so stay tuned!

Got Music?

Camp is 2 short weeks away! Hopefully everyone has their music and is practicing away in preparation. Music is posted on the website, but you have to finalize your payment or scholarship arrangements to get the super secret password (Little Orphan Annie decoder ring sold separately). If you have paid but haven’t received a registration confirmation email with access to the camp music, please email vivaceorchestras@gmail.com to get access. Also, while we’re talking about payments, if you’re receiving a scholarship please email vivaceorchestras@gmail.com so we can make sure we have you correctly recorded.

If you haven’t reviewed our FAQ, please be sure to do that. We will have more information over the next week so stay tuned. We’ll post announcements here so you can always check back for any updates you may have missed (I know no one ever loses track of an email). We may even post some to social media if I can find a young person who knows how to do that kind of stuff. I Certainly don’t want to become the next Tim in security #hashtagthecowboy. I don’t think I could handle that kind of celebrity status.