Audition Instructions

Decide which ensemble to audition for by selecting music below that best represents current abilities. You should choose the music that you can learn reasonably well in 1-2 weeks. Be sure that you also fit into the age range.

Record one uninterrupted, unedited video per applicant. Cell phone videos are encouraged.

Perform each audition requirement in the order printed on the PDF.

Label video with name, ensemble, and instrument/voice part.

Upload video to YouTube, Google Drive, or another file sharing format accessible via a link. Please verify that the link can be viewed by others (not private).

Paste link into your Online Application.

Any applicant wishing to apply for both choral AND orchestral should make a 2nd video (Bambini Strings and Philharmonia schedules will not allow for choral/double track).

Want some audition tips? Check out this blog post

Audition Materials

Choral Audition

Orchestral Audition

Vivace Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion (age 12+)

Vivace Saxophone Audition Materials

Vivace Harp, Piano, and Guitar (age 14+)

Vivace Bambini Strings (age 2-5)

Vivace Da Capo Orchestra Strings (age 6-11)

Vivace Chamber Orchestra Strings (age 7-12)

Vivace Symphony Orchestra Strings (age 11-14)

Vivace Concert Orchestra Strings (age 12-18)

Vivace Philharmonia Orchestra Strings (age 15+)

Vivace Camerata Orchestra Strings (Adults)

Choral Audition

Young Choristers Audition (age 6-11)

Concert Singers Audition (age 12-18)

Madrigals Audition


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