Adding 1/2-day Option for Busy High School Singers

We understand that there are many high school and college students with summer jobs, so we’re making it easier for you to participate in the Vivace Concert Singers by reducing the class load each day. Come sing and take a fun elective class from 9:00AM-11:50AM, and be on your way! This option is also availableContinue reading “Adding 1/2-day Option for Busy High School Singers”

Practice Tips

Remember, your ensemble placement audition isn’t only about showing the committee you’re good enough. It’s also an opportunity for you to challenge yourself and grow into a better musician. The audition prepares you for the work we’ll be doing in rehearsal this summer. Try to focus on growth rather than proving yourself. Every time youContinue reading “Practice Tips”

Choral Workshop

Sing a World Premiere piece with The Tabernacle Choir’s own Ryan Murphy! Choral Workshop students sing in one of three choirs, rehearsing and performing with Dr. Ryan Murphy and Mr. Benjamin Gaughran. Choral track students may elect to take an orchestra class on the side.

Music for Everyone – All Day!

Vivace Orchestral and Choral Workshops are a family affair, and now your whole family can enjoy it altogether! Each ensemble includes days packed with rehearsals and other enriching classes. Students request elective classes on the application. Most students may enroll in at least one elective class of their choice. Adult groups and Bambini Strings haveContinue reading “Music for Everyone – All Day!”

Adult Choir

We loved working with parents and friends of the younger participants last year in the adult orchestra, so we’ve decided to open up a choir for adults this year! The Madrigals choir will rehearse and perform with our new guest conductor, Mr. Ben Gaughran.

Choral Workshop

This year’s camp includes a Choral Workshop for non-string players. Students can choose between 2 classes (Group Voice Master Class with Suanne Bowcut or Broadway with Miriam Burton). The workshop includes a choir enrichment class each day (Vivace Youth Choir – ages 6-11 with Suanne Bowcut or Vivace Singers – ages 12+ with Dr. RyanContinue reading “Choral Workshop”